Access Road to Waterfall Park Under Way


Construction activities associated with the new access road to Waterfall Park are now under way. 

The 850m long road will provide permanent legal and practical vehicle, cycle and pedestrian access to Waterfall Park and enable the potential of the secluded picturesque valley to be realised. 

Along its length, the road will traverse through the property known as ‘Ayrburn Farm’, cross Mill Creek, and then work its way up alongside the creek to Waterfall Park.  Once the road is complete and open to the general public, people will be able to walk along new sections of Mill Creek and appreciate the fish that live and spawn in the area.

Wilson Contractors (2003) Limited has been appointed as the main contractor for the access road. Initially their focus has been on enabling works to clear and prepare the site for construction. Recently they have begun the extensive erosion and sediment control measures to protect Mill Creek. These include measures such as super silt fences and sediment basins. 

As part of constructing the road, substantial riparian planting to support improved aquatic fauna and water quality in Mill Creek will occur in the next planting season, Autumn 2020.  The riparian margins along a 1.3km stretch of Mill Creek will be enhanced with over 4,500 native shrubs and grasses planted by Natural Habitats. In addition, fencing and other measures will be undertaken to exclude stock from Mill Creek. These initiatives will help to revitalise the natural environment for all those that experience the area going forward and will improve water quality in Lake Hayes. 

Lauren Christie, General Manager Winton Queenstown said, “After a considerable amount of time planning and designing the beautiful Waterfall Park, it is exciting to get started on the first stage of development of Waterfall Park.  We anticipate the road and landscaping associated with this first stage will be completed in mid-2020.”

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