Top 10 Hidden Gems


Waterfall Park truly is a special place. So in the spirit of sharing this amazing place, we thought we would share some other amazing spots with you!


Lake Face Creek Falls

 (Pic source: Hidden NZ)

On the eastern shore of Lake Wakatipu, the unofficially named Lake Face Creek Falls is a beautiful and tucked away secret. There is only an unofficial track leading to the falls from the road that takes about 15 minutes to walk there and back. These cascade falls are worth a visit.


Bob's Cove

A short 20 min walk, Bob’s Cove is a great destination. The track also connects to the Twelve Mile Delta Track, for those who love hiking. It has beautiful lake views, and for budding geologists, a strong history of ancient marine fossils.


Arrow River

Famous for it’s gold mining heritage, this river is also a beautiful walk with many access points. Go for a stroll along the banks, and maybe try panning if you are feeling lucky!


Lakes District Museum and Art Gallery

(Pic source: Tripadvisor)

A beautiful record of our past, the Lakes District Museum and Art Gallery houses an amazing collection that any visitor thirsting for knowledge must see. Learn about our rich history and check out the current art on display.

Moke Lake

Small in comparison to its siblings, Moke Lake is a peaceful and much more hidden destination. A great place for camping or a picnic, it truly is a sight to behold. There is also a 2 hour round track for those who like a journey.


Lake Alta

Frozen over in winter, Lake Alta is a glacial lake nestled into the Remarkables. Most people don’t know it exists. It is surrounded by a heavily rocky terrain, and the water is the most blue you will see. The walk is around one and a half hours, and isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a great place to escape to, and has a great deserted atmosphere.


Queenstown Gardens

The least hidden on this list, but possibly the most untapped considering it’s accessibility. There are plenty of awesome things in the gardens, including everything from a relaxed picnic, to disk golf! (frisbee). If you are in Queenstown and want to get out, you don’t have to go far to experience the amazing gardens.

Tobins Track

An easy walk, this is a quick way to escape and experience amazing views whilst not going out of your way. Only thirty minutes each way, you can see great views of Arrowtown and the Wakatipu Basin. Right at the top there are two seats for you to sit and take in the sights and sounds and reflect.


Wye Creek

(Pic Source: NZ Frenzy)

On the west face of The Remarkables, Wye Creek and the hike that precedes it have amazing native wilderness, including native beech forest. There is also a stunning natural waterfall that cascades down to Lake Wakatipu.


Waterfall Park

Last but not least, we feel like Waterfall park truly is a hidden gem right up there with this list of amazing places. Soon to be accessible by all, it will be a great place to visit and take in nature, whilst enjoying the amazing planned facilities.