Waterfall Park Access Road Consent


Resource Consent will be granted for a new access road to be built from Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Road through the property known as Ayrburn Farm to the Waterfall Park Zone, the location of the Waterfall Park Hotel. Consent will be confirmed once specific conditions noted in the decision have been met.

The purpose of the road is to provide permanent legal and practical vehicle access to the Waterfall Park Zone. The road will entail a new intersection with Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Road and will cross and follow Mill Creek through Ayrburn Farm as it works its way up to the Waterfall Park Zone.

Chris Meehan, Winton CEO, “we are pleased with this decision and will proceed with building the road immediately. This includes the substantial riparian planting and stock exclusion methods to support improved aquatic fauna and water quality in Mill Creek.”

The development of the road has a number of associated public and ecological benefits. In addition to the initial revitalisation steps that have already been completed within the Waterfall Park Hotel site to improve stream health, birdlife and biodiversity, as part of the road works the riparian margins along a 1.3km stretch of Mill Creek will be with restored with over 4,500 native shrubs and grasses. In addition, fencing and other measures will be undertaken to exclude stock from Mill Creek. These initiatives will help to revitalise the natural environment for all those that experience the area going forward. Once the road is complete and open to the general public, people will be able to walk along the banks of Mill Creek and appreciate the fish that habitat and spawn in the area.

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Media Relations: Sonya Fynmore

021 404 206 / sonya.fynmore@winton.nz


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