Before we build your home,
we build your neighbourhood.

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Remember when you only had to be home in time for dinner? And how mum used to bring the neighbour's washing in if it rained? Remember how the neighbourhood kids would play at the park then head back to yours for a drink of Raro, but end up eating it straight from the packet? Remember that?

Winton does. That’s why before we build your home, we build your neighbourhood.

Queenstown's newest
food & wine destination

You are invited to join us at Ayrburn, New Zealand’s newest food and wine destination located just outside Queenstown. With a rich 160-year history, Ayrburn seamlessly blends heritage and innovation, offering you an all-in good time, crafted flavours, captivating stories, and unparalleled experiences.


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Discover a new neighbourhood

Find the neighbourhood that’s right for you. With land, stand alone homes and apartments available throughout New Zealand and Australia. Each location has its own unique community and amenities that set Winton neighbourhoods apart and make you feel right at home.



The facilities and well maintained green spaces make Northlake a great place for families, my kids love it!
Veronica, Northlake.
We never want to leave this place, built my family home here and love living by the water.
Crawford, Beaches Matarangi.
Northlake is a well maintained and convenient place to live. My family and I love making use of the wonderful facilities provided.
Gabrielle, Northlake.

Tomorrow's town today

Sunfield offers a radical new approach to living. A neighbourhood with far fewer roads and entirely solar powered, resulting in more affordable homes. The technology and expertise needed to build this town is available and ready to go, today.



The new benchmark in retirement living

We're creating quality neighbourhoods for people at all stages of life. Find out more about our newly launched luxury later living offering here.



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