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The proposed Northbrook Retirement Village is a premium 162 residential unit retirement resort located near the enchanting Arrowtown on the land commonly known as Ayrburn Farm. Northbrook sits alongside the neighbouring Winton properties of Waterfall Park, Ayrburn Domain, and the historic Ayrburn Homestead.  All of these properties share the same access road, which is well advanced, with the first section sealed and footpaths and plantings underway.

Embracing and protecting the natural environment is critical to the design of Northbrook.  The architecturally designed village sits alongside nature; enhanced and protected through the landscape design, and celebrated within the building construction materials whose design also embraces the local vernacular.

As part of the holistic approach to the Waterfall Park, Ayrburn Domain and Northbrook properties, Winton has been advancing ways that it can do its part to protect and improve the water quality and ecology of Mill Creek, and ultimately Lake Hayes. These include:

  • The removal of commercial stock farming and related fertiliser application, reducing the nitrogen and phosphate nutrient inputs into the groundwater and Mill Creek.
  • Riparian planting of the full 1.2km length of Mill Creek as it runs through the Winton sites, with the first 600m stretch already completed.
  • Over 23,000 natives have been planted to date with an additional ~50,000 natives to be planted throughout Waterfall Park and Northbrook.
  • Ensuring all properties, including Northbrook, are connected to mains infrastructure so there is no on-site wastewater discharge that could make its way to the creek. This infrastructure is already in the ground as part of the construction of the shared access road.

When complete, Northbrook will feature a 36-bed private hospital (including memory care) and medical centre for seamless medical care and transition.  Social connection while maintaining privacy is part of the retirement village appeal and at the core of Northbrook’s thoughtful design. The clubhouse and recreation facilities will be central to the Northbrook Village. Residents will be able to enjoy a swim or gym session at the recreation centre, craft something in the project shed, or play petanque close by, all before heading to the clubhouse café for lunch. The childcare centre will benefit the wider Arrowtown community while encouraging the mutually beneficial social interaction between older people and younger children.

With an aging population and the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, forecasts for the Wakatipu Basin show demand growth over the next decade will equate to approximately 1,000 additional units being required. Northbrook Arrowtown addresses some of this supply shortage and what better place to retire than being surrounded by luscious scenery and natural elements while being close to essential services like medical care.

Once construction begins, stage one will take approximately two years and will deliver the central amenities, including the clubhouse and recreation building, the private hospital and approximately 30 residential units. Stage one will see $40 million injected into the local economy, with the entire development expected to cost around $250 million.

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