A slice of Wakatipu History


Minutes from the Arrowtown township and amongst the picturesque Lake Hayes Basin, you will find Ayrburn Farm. Established in the 1800s by William Paterson, the farm was one of the first in the area after W.G Rees settled in the district in 1860 and after gold was discovered in the Shotover River in 1862. Not only was it one of the first farms, but it was one of the most successful and longstanding in the area and the farm continued in production until the early years of the 21st century. The farm site itself was the site of the district's very first A&P show as seen in one of the images below.

The heritage buildings that remain at Ayrburn Farm are a direct reflection of Paterson’s success, being large and substantially constructed. Celebrating the charm and history of yesteryear, Winton has created two different opportunities to embrace the character of these buildings and prepare them for the next chapter of the Ayrburn Farm story; The Victorian-style Ayrburn Homestead on 4.98 hectares and, Ayrburn Domain, containing the consented boutique restaurant and bar.


Ayrburn Homestead

Down a sweeping avenue of ancient trees, you will find one of the most historic properties in the Wakatipu Basin. Originally built in the 1890s, this colonial Victorian-style homestead is waiting for a new owner to come in and restore it to its former glory. 

The 290 sqm (approx.) homestead includes at least five bedrooms and multiple common areas. The house has an astounding nine fireplaces spread throughout, seven of which are still in the original condition. The buildings and trees are listed as heritage features under the current district plan. 

Sited within an expansive setting, the 4.98 hectare property boasts flat and fertile paddocks and generous lawns. 

Ayrburn Homestead is surrounded by Millbrook Resort, Golf and Country Club, The Hills Golf Club, Amisfield and Akarua wineries, and nearby Arrowtown. The property is located within 15 minutes of the Queenstown International Airport.

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Ayrburn Domain

Ayrburn Domain is an idyllic 1.54 hectare setting soon to be one of Queenstown’s premier restaurant development opportunities. Located on a stunning streamside site, Ayrburn Domain is adjacent to the newly consented 380 room Waterfall Park Hotel, alongside Millbrook Resort, Golf and Country Club, and in the vicinity of Amisfield Winery and the Arrowtown township.

Ayrburn Domain comprises of a collection of historic farm buildings from Ayrburn Farm that embody the character from times gone by. The vision is for these buildings to be repurposed as a boutique restaurant and bar, with the option of a retail store. The property has been architecturally designed to complement the neighbouring Waterfall Park Hotel, and the natural and heritage surroundings. Materials like limewashed stone, blackened steel and stained vertical cedar feature throughout the thoughtfully designed concept.

The property consists of three heritage buildings and has full resource consent for a specified restaurant and retail activity.  Vehicle access from Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Road is provided, and proposed pedestrian, cycle and buggy pathways across the greater site will enable visitors’ access to the area from Queenstown’s acclaimed cycle trails.

The repurposed woolshed and stables contribute to the 664.9 sqm consented restaurant with various other buildings to support the function of the restaurant taking the ttotal consented floor area to 1,088 sqm.

Impossible to recreate and perfectly demonstrating the character of the site, is the quaint small stone building, the original onsite dairy, with small windows to keep the area cool for storing milk and making butter for the farm.

A must see for those that want to deliver a genuine experience to locals and visitors, reflective of the natural beauty and character of the region.

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