Goodbye rain, hello Matarangi summer


With summer on the horizon, we are happy to say goodbye to some of the wettest months the Coromandel has seen in a long time and welcome those long sunny Matarangi days we love. Despite the winter weather, our onsite team made great progress on the development. We completed stages 5 and 8 with titles issued late October this year and buyers subsequently taking possession of their slice of coastal paradise. We also finished a significant upgrade to Boat Ramp Road and gifted it to council for all to use.

Stages 6 and 7 are now complete and look fantastic. The relevant completion information has been lodged with the council, and we anticipate titles will be issued before Christmas.

In stages 9 and 10, the completed Centre Lake looks stunning. Services are installed and footpaths are currently being boxed up and poured. Hamiora Street, the main road between stages 9 and 10, has been kerbed and we aim to seal the road before Christmas. The comprehensive landscaping around the lake and wetland areas is now finished with over 4,000 plants and trees including pohutakawa, mahoe, kowhai and many others. Construction of the gravel path to link up with stage 7 is about to begin, providing another valuable connection within the Beaches community. We expect titles to be issued for stages 9 and 10 in March 2023.  

The busiest part of the site is the eastern side, as work on stages 11 – 13 has been full steam ahead. Progress on the Eastern Lake has been excellent and is now complete, resulting in an impressive visual change to the development site. Drainage has also been completed in these stages, along with kerbing of Kopani Road. We anticipate titles for stage 12 to issue in March 2023 and titles for stages 11 and 13 to issue in early June 2023.

For more information, please contact Beach Realty:

Mark Hall
021 607 135

Shirvani Hall
021 028 46458