Hot Weather, Hot Market


Over the summer months, the Coromandel has been bustling with people enjoying the sun and stunning beaches. New Zealanders' love of the Coromandel has flowed through to the residential market with an explosion in demand for sections at Beaches Matarangi.

Not only have sales been progressing rapidly, our construction team on-site has been making fantastic progress. A highlight was handing over the Stage 3 sections to purchasers pre-Christmas. We are excited to see their beach home dreams come to life.

Despite some lockdown delays, Stage 4 was completed pre-Christmas and signed off by council. We are expecting titles to be issued any day, and we look forward to welcoming these new owners to Beaches.

Stages 5-8 are progressing well, and the construction crew is back on site after a well deserved Christmas break. Both the Airfield and Western Lake are now complete, drainage is progressing according to programme and roading in Stage 5 and 8 has commenced.

Another exciting phase of the subdivision will be the construction of the Central Lake, which will commence in early February. This lake sits between Stages 9 and 10 and provides a beautiful water outlook for residents of the Beaches community.

Sections at Beaches are selling fast, and we are down to our final 40 sites! If you are thinking about purchasing, don’t hesitate and call the team below.

Beach Realty

Mark Hall: 021 607 135     

Shirvani Hall: 021 028 46458