Making Progress at Beaches Matarangi


All summer residents and holidaymakers waited for summer to arrive in the Coromandel but it never did. Instead, it was one of the wettest summers on record.

On top of a generally wet season, the North Island experienced two significant weather events in quick succession that caused havoc for the Coromandel communities. The downpours were frequent and heavy, causing flash flooding and landslides that shut roads and affected many. 

We are grateful our contractor, Hopper Construction, was able to help the community clear various road closures and slips, restoring important access in and out of Matarangi and the Coromandel. We feel for those around New Zealand still affected by those events. 

Beaches was not affected by the flooding, which is a credit to the design and construction of the subdivision, giving current and future residents comfort that their slice of paradise is safe for the future. 

Despite the conditions not being conducive to on-site productivity, the team was outstanding in their work ethic and delivery and completed stages 9, 10 and 12 to a very high standard. Council signed those stages off in mid-April and Titles have just been issued, meaning purchasers will soon take possession of their sections.

We have just finished the path on the estuary frontage along Stages 10 and 12 that will connect the community once complete. We are incredibly excited for residents to experience the stunning views as they put the path to good use.

Progress on the eastern side of the site has been strong. A key milestone was the completion of the Eastern Lake, which looks fantastic and will look even better after we plant ~7,000 plants around the lake edge in the coming weeks. 

Stages 11 and 13 are now complete and looking great, so it was pleasing to receive Council sign-off for these sections in early May, enabling titles to issue in June.

As more purchasers take possession of their sections, we look forward to watching buyers start building their dream seaside homes.