Elegance from Italy for Ovation


Situated on the water's edge and complemented by its elegant design, Ovation brings a luxurious touch to life and community at Launch Bay. 

It is an exciting time onsite for the Ovation. Despite the lockdown restrictions, our construction team continued to make measurable progress. We are so excited to share the significant construction milestones and visible progress onsite.

The final floor was recently poured along with the roof, which means construction of the superstructure is now complete. The external cladding is well underway, asserting an elegant presence deserving of a standing ovation. The basement is coming to life with the installation of car stackers for resident parking.

Internally, the build teams are busy constructing the internal framing, as well installing air conditioning ducting and fire sprinklers. The first delivery of window frames has been received and installed.

In the entrance of Ovation in the ground floor lobby, are stunning large-format travertine floor tiles which were sourced directly from Tivoli Italy. They have just arrived in New Zealand and once laid, will set the luxurious tone from the moment you enter Ovation.

We are delighted to see our vision for Ovation come to life and look forward to seeing the thoughtful finishes installed over the coming months.