Easter Sales Event!

Elevated Stage 3 sites with stunning views of the Purangi Estuary or the northern coast are selling now.

Design has used existing and recontoured topography to create stunning waterside and elevated water-view sections in the new part of our popular Longreach development.

Join Richardson's onsite over Easter Weekend for a special sales event and prizes - Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 from 11am-3pm.

Anyone who signs up for a section in April (which becomes unconditional in April) will receive $1,000 of vouchers for use with Cooks Beach businesses.

Also, all of these purchasers above will also go into a draw for

$5,000 worth of Travel Vouchers!! 

Enjoy a holiday on us when you secure you dream section in sunny Longreach.

We hope to see you there!


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Phillip Dawson
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Paulette Tainsh
+64 27 241 2001

Miriam Dawson
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