Look up and breathe from
your Wanaka lock up and leave.

ALTA Villas boutique range of 3 and 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouses offer a solid investment in a home designed for living.

This premier lock up and leave option is designed for all play and no work. Inspired by the expansive mountains and historic stone structures of Otago, ALTA Villas townhouses exude solid style, created with high-grade, quality materials.

Solid and dependable. Inside and Out.

ALTA Villas' architectural design takes its cue from the wider Northlake setting. Seamlessly integrated into the discerning neighbourhood, while claiming its own spirit and identity. Combining premium materials and exacting workmanship, ALTA Villas modern palette draws from the hues of the southern land, lakes and skies.


Rendered brick and gabled roof lines are inspired by local historic designs. Vertical timber weatherboard and powder coated aluminium panels add a quality touch, lending texture and form to the overall look. Set back from the road, the pleasing street frontage reflects the beauty and timelessness of the stunning location.

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