Construction underway on Lakeside Village Centre


Before Winton even thinks about building a home in a new development, it thoughtfully designs the masterplan to incorporate shared spaces and facilities to create thriving communities. From the beginning of the design phase, the Lakeside Village Centre was an integral part of the plan. A place for residents and the wider community to meet, enjoy and utilise for day-to-day convenience in a location that is easily accessible and connected to the many pathways throughout Lakeside.

It has been incredibly exciting to see works begin on the village centre earlier this year. All building consents have been obtained and construction is well underway. Civil works have been completed and building foundations and carpark construction have commenced.  

The Lakeside Village Centre will be home to a boutique café/restaurant, general store, childcare centre and a 2-storey office and retail building with 8 individual tenancies. These 8 architecturally designed modern spaces range from 50 to 104 sqm, enabling many possibilities. The Lakeside Village Centre will be open for business in late-2022.

For more details, contact the sales team below:

Chris Beasleigh
M:+64 21 597 865