Creating a new community - Lakeside 2019


The speed of which Lakeside is coming to life is fast, and on any given day, there are multiple types of contractors on-site working on various elements of Te Kauwhata’s newest community.

With all the main infrastructure milestones completed, it is easy to forget how the site looked at the start of the year and the extent of what was completed during 2019. In the first half of the year during earthworks, the site hummed with earthmoving vehicles that shifted an astounding 601,746m3 of clay to sculpt the land in preparation for subdivision.

Visitors to Lakeside now enter the community through the beautifully completed Scott Road, which is part of the 17,980m2 of asphalted roads finished on-site during the year and the 6,127 metres of kerbing. Easy to forget this was a gravel road at the start of 2019. Along Scott Road, nearly 800 plants, including Liquid Ambers, NZ Iris’s, and Turutu’s, have been planted. The 3-metre-wide footpath and cycle trail parallel to Scott Road provides easy access into Lakeside from Te Kauwhata township and is part of the comprehensive network of paths throughout Lakeside to connect the community with each other and the outdoors. In 2019 alone, 7,430m2 of concrete footpaths were installed, along with 84 streetlights to illuminate the way during the darker hours. These numbers will continue to grow as different stages are completed.

Looking out from the show suites, it is hard to miss the wetland reserve area where 37,147 plants have been planted, including Carex, Cookinum, Jointed Rush, Pale Rush, Horse Chestnut, and Pinoak. There are many other interesting things to see, but what is not evident is the incredible amount of work completed underground. The only real clues are the water pump station that was installed in 2019 and the 138 services manholes. Below the surface is the critical network of services that enable the subdivision to function. In 2019, 5,970 metres of stormwater pipe was installed, along with 5,228 metres of sewer pipes, 4,736 metres of water pipes, 4,982 metres of ultrafast fibre, and, 5,876 metres of low and high voltage electricity cable. Mostly now covered by roads, footpaths, and the 156,930m2 of newly sown grass, equivalent to over 15 rugby fields.

The sum of the above parts meant 163 lots were completed at Lakeside in 2019, and the construction of 26 houses began, with some of those just about to be completed. There has been so much interest in Lakeside from the local community and the surrounding Auckland and Waikato regions to date, last year 1,715 people visited the Lakeside show suites and experienced the Lakeside community for themselves. Release A1 is now 80% sold, and Releases A2 and A3 are over 35% sold.

We can’t wait to deliver 2020’s workload and see our first residents move into their new homes at Lakeside.

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