The heart of Northlake prepares to open


Many residents have now settled into their new homes in the vibrant Northlake community. With great outdoors at their doorstep, Northlake residents are embracing the easy accessibility to some of their favourite local spots. Whether it be a bike ride down the river or along the lakefront to town, or a walk up Mt Iron.

Northlake residents will also soon be able to wander to the Village Centre to enjoy brunch with friends or grab a coffee on the go as they head off for the day. ‘Monkey Farm’ the new cafe & bar, is in the final stages of completion and will open before Christmas.

Chris Meehan, Winton CEO, says, “when we designed Northlake, it was incredibly important for us to establish a vibrant community where residents have a sense of belonging. The Village Centre is integral to this vision and the new Café and Bar will provide Wanaka locals a welcoming space to meet and enjoy wonderful hospitality.

It’s a milestone in the development journey to see Monkey Farm open, along with the neighbouring childcare centre and, boutique retail stores and office spaces that will also be finished before Christmas.”

The Northlake Village Centre will provide the residents of Northlake and the wider community with valuable community facilities within walking distance of home. It is located on Northlake Drive as you turn off Outlet Road and encompasses boutique retail and office spaces, children’s playground, tennis court, Monkey Farm café and bar, and the new ‘Pinnacles’ childcare centre catering for 80 local children that is now complete and will open in January.

Media Relations:
Sonya Fynmore
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